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SFMA - Level 2: The 3 R's

* ATTENTION! Only for people who already attend to the SFMA Certification course.

'Analysis of Movement Dysfunction and Intervention'

This intensive 2 day course is designed for clinicians who have taken the SFMA Level Certification seminar and have been using the model in clinical practice for patients with orthopedic and sport conditions.

The Advanced SFMA provides greater depth of the breakout assessments and interventions. In the Advanced SFMA seminar, you will spend two full days focused on interventions based on your findings in the SFMA. The majority of the course will be dedicated to understanding the 4 x 4 matrix and the neurodevelopmental progression it follows with examples and group activities for each of the top tier assessments. You will leave with a clearer understanding of treatment for Stability

Topics include:

  • Review of the Big Seven.
  • Details of each Breakout (flowcharts)
  • Is it a Mobility vs. Stability Problem?
  • "Inner Core" function and dysfunction.
  • Specific therapeutic exercise progressions and taping technique
  • Key exercise instruction; Chop/Lift, Deadlift, segmental rolling, intro to kettlebell training for rehabilitation.


The course starts with an overview of the entire Functional Movement System. This will help the clinician’s understanding and application of the model to include the appropriate use of the Functional Movement Screen and Y-Balance Test for screening and return to sport purposes and the SFMA for patients with current musculoskeletal pain.

A substantial amount of time is devoted to individual assessment and treatment progressions, in case study formats, which serve to advance the clinician’s understanding of the entire Functional Movement Model.

Visitors from abroad

The FMS seminars will be held in hotel “De Witte Bergen” in Eemnes, around 30 minutes from the airport Schiphol. The best option is to stay in this hotel also during the seminar. Via this link you can find more information about the rooms and make reservations.

From the airport “Amsterdam Schiphol” you can either take a taxi to the hotel, which is quite expensive, or you can go by train to Hilversum and take a taxi from Hilversum station to the hotel. The first option will take around 25 minutes and the second option will take around 50 minutes.

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