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Advanced Dry Needling Techniques

Learn how to effectively assess and treat sports injuries and optimize athletic performance by attending Dr. Scappaticci’s pioneering Functional Integrated Needling Course. As a result of taking this course, you will be more effective in helping your patients, whether they are professional athletes or weekend warriors, to recover from sports injuries and to improve performance.

  • You are a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, RMT, or an Athletic Therapist that has needling experience 
  • You have patients that suffer from common or hard to treat sports injuries 
  • You want to help your clients to recover more effectively from sports injuries 
  • You want to help your clients to optimize athletic performance 
The purpose of the Functional Integrated Needling for Sports Injury Management Program is to develop the knowledge and clinical skills required to accurately assess and effectively treat common sports injuries. 
This 3 day, intensive course emphasizes practical learning with extensive, hands-on practice session along with thorough and highly memorable explanations of the underlying theory and key principles of why and how dry needling works, and the body’s physiological response to needles, and learn strategies to identify the root causes of sports injuries.
After taking this course, participants will be able to immediately integrate these unique needling techniques into their clinical practice and will be able to:
  • Go beyond the use of standard orthopedic tests to determine underlying root causes of sports injuries, including common but often misdiagnosed sports injuries 
  • Understand the underlying etiology of sports injuries and the interplay of soft tissues and normal and abnormal movements patterns 
  • Use specialized dry needling insertion techniques for common sports injuries used by Dr. Scappaticci 
  • Understand how dry needling works and be able to apply dry needling in the required pattern, matched with and specific to each type of injury in order to successfully treat sports injuries and to optimize athletic performance.
Dr. Scappaticci uses his 20 years of clinical experience managing sports injuries for professional and Olympic athletes as the foundation for his FIN sports injury management system. Dr. Scappaticci has developed unique needling techniques to help manage complicated sports injuries. 
This program is designed for participants with prior needling experience or who have completed the FIN Pain Management Training. This program includes a review of Functional Biomechanics and includes integrated dry needling and soft tissue treatment techniques.
This highly interactive and practical program reviews detailed functional anatomy and the pathomechanics of common sport injuries and is designed to ensure that clinicians are able to deploy 7 specialized needling techniques to improve outcomes for common but hard to treat sports injuries such as lateral epicondilitis, adhesive capsulitis, patellar tendonitis, and tracking symptoms, groin injuries, mechanical low back pain, achillies tendonitis and plantar fascitis.
Functional Integrated Needling – A Biomedical Approach takes the best of various dry needling modalities and combines them with key lessons and findings derived from Dr. Scappaticci, and Dr. Yun-Toa Ma’s combined 60 years of clinical and research experience in the management and treatment of chronic pain and sports injuries. View the Top Reasons for using Functional Integrated Needling (FIN):
1.Emphasis On Patient Comfort And Safety
You will learn how to apply needling techniques that are the most comfortable for patients and will receive thorough instruction regarding safe versus forbidden areas for needling.

2. Effective And Optimized Learning Leading To True Mastery
The training features an education approach based on instruction and explanations that are understandable and easy to remember and extensive practice to ensure mastery. The program is not a “listen and forget” program but instead, results in “remember and be able to do” as your take away.

3. Emphasis On Developing Deep Understanding And Working Knowledge
Foundational concepts are established that lead to an improved ability to understand underlying causes, biomechanics and neurological mechanisms. This program emphasizes understanding and analysis rather than memorized and rote clinical pathways.

4. Immediate Application And Patient Benefits
You will be able to use dry needling techniques right away and immediately improve treatment effectiveness, and patient outcomes and help your patients. Participants can start needling immediately after the program, using the starter kit provided as part of the program materials.

5. Participants Get To Learn And Work With Instructors With Deep Clinical And Teaching Experience 
Dr. Scappaticci, the lead instructor and program designer, with over 20 years of clinical and teaching experience, has assembled a highly experienced assistant instructional team to guide participants during the extensive hands-on practical lab sessions.

6. Techniques That Ensure Optimized Treatment Effects
Treatment effectiveness using dry needling is optimized when the intended end point target is reached. Our techniques and teaching approaches emphasize ways that help participants find, feel, and expertly and consistently insert needles to hit their end point targets.

Location of the course: HumanMotion BV

Klaaskampen 19C
1251KN Laren


Recommendations to stay during the course:



Less than 300 meters from our office we have a nice Bed&Breakfast called: Het Hof van Laren.
For more information go to: 

Hotel de Witte Bergen in Eemnes is for some courses HumanMotion does in the Netherlands; it is 5 minutes away (by car) from our office.

Amsterdam, is only 35 kilometres from the hotel. Amersfoort and Utrecht are only 20 kilometres away. The airport is 48 kilometers from the hotel.


From the Airport / Amsterdam city center.
We advise to travel by train from Schiphol airport to Hilversum and get a taxi from the trainstation Hilversum to Klaaskampen 19C. Total cost would be around: (1 way) € 10,00 for the train from Schiphol to Hilversum and approximately € 22,50 for the taxi from train station Hilversum to our location (all prices are estimated prices)

the phone number to make a taxi reservation is: +31 35 531 8080 (taxi Eemnes) Mostly there are also taxi’s on the station as well you can ask them for their rates.

You can by your train ticket at the train stations


Peter Lundgren

Peter lives in Sweden, Tyresö and is so called Naprapat. It’s a five year education in manual medicin. During the first four years it covers topics from anatomy and physiology to nutriti ... 

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Peter lives in Sweden, Tyresö and is so called Naprapat. It’s a five year education in manual medicin. During the first four years it covers topics from anatomy and physiology to nutrition biomechanics progressing to massage techniques and manual adjustments. Last year is a practical internship treating patients and managing cases. Peter is using  different techniques in his clinic like; dry needling, manual adjustments, soft tissue tension release technique, FAT tool and drop table adjustments. He combines these in a specific manner called Functional Integrated Therapy. The way the modalities are combined helps speed up recovery as well as optimizes performance. He treats all kind of injuries in his clinic from acute injuries such as sports injuries to chronic pain management and also a number of complex cases that are a result of failed surgery or severe trauma cases.

He developed the soft tissue course which is an evolution from the FAT tool work I have been doing for the past several years. The FAT-Tool Technique is great at identifying and loosening areas of increase tension from superficial to deep structures. Myo Matrix Release follows similar principles and allows me to identify and treat tissue tension lines in a 3D way in the body for different clinical conditions. 

Price€ 895,00
Including syllabus. A small lunch is served.
Reception Date(s)24-11-2017 at 08:30
25-11-2017 at 08:30
26-11-2017 at 08:30
Start time(s)24-11-2017 at 09:00
25-11-2017 at 09:00
26-11-2017 at 09:00
Ending time(s)24-11-2017 at 18:00
25-11-2017 at 18:00
26-11-2017 at 18:00
LocationLaren (Nh)
Speaker(s)Peter Lundgren
DidactLecture and Practical
Terms and conditionsTerms and conditions
LeadJ. Smeenge
Contact Hours20
Self Hours11
Min-max participants15-30
Duration3 day(s)