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Foamroller 30cm

Foamroller 30cm
€ 16,95 excl. VAT € 16,48


  • Use the foamroller for stability exercises and deep tissue massages
  • Guarantees less massage visitis to your Physical Therapist.
  • Increased mobility and injury prevention
  • Used for example from the PT, Massage Therapist, during Yoga and Pilates
  • A MUST for every (top)athlete who wants to take care in his own for his body.


Available in 2 sizes:

  • 30cm long with a diameter of 15 cm
    Ideal for travelling due to its compact size, fits into any suitcase
  • 1meter long with a diameter of 15 cm
    Ideal for the use in the clinical setting, at home or in the gym
    With the larger foamroller it is easier to treat for example both legs at the once.
  • This foamroller is latex free.

   Foamrollers hardness chart:

Examples of exercises you can view here: