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Applying The FMS Model DVD set

Applying The FMS Model DVD set
€ 156,50 excl. VAT € 129,34

A properly executed movement screen provides a unique perspective, and in this workshop Gray shows us how to use the basic technology as a tool to develop programming unique to each individual. But it’s much more than a movement screen discussion, because what Gray is best at is seeing how people move, how we learn to move, and how we re-learn movement. He’s gifted at explaining what most of us don’t even see, and you’ll find yourself pausing the video over and over to stop and ponder concepts that he makes sound obvious, but that you’ve never considered.

Only about a third of the room had been through the Functional Movement Screen workshop. You don’t need to be FMS certified or even use the screens to benefit from this material. For many trainers, strength coaches and medical professionals, this material could be the key to how you work with clients patients and athletes in the years to come.

The workshop covers the age spectrum of fitness clients, post-rehab clients and athletes of all levels. With tremendous insight and enthusiasm, Gray discusses the logic of movement that all of us share. And because this movement logic is common to all of us, you’ll be able to apply this new material in your work the very next day.

4-disc DVD set—nearly 4 hours, plus bonus material Filmed live at a Perform Better Summit Workshop

Disk One

  • Introduction
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Movement Matters
  • Squat Discussion
  • Stabilization and Repatterning
  • Our Movement History

Disk Two

  • Functional Movement Screen Review
  • Scoring the Screens
  • Filters and Key Points
  • Live Screens Scoring Criteria
  • Programming the Results

Disk Three

  • Screen Results Analysis
  • Order of Screen Priority
  • Hip Hinge and Deadlift Strategies
  • Movement Motor Learning
  • Movement Principles Self-Limiting Exercise

Disk Four

  • Extra corrective strategies footage
  • Full lecture in MP3 audio format for listening in your car or on your portable device
  • A 61-page typeset transcript of the lecture
  • Movement Principles excerpt from the Movement book
  • FMS scoring criteria and verbal instructions
  • Presentation slides PDF Video clips from Gray’s Powerpoint presentation
  • Self-limiting activities chart