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Airex Balance Pad Elite

Airex Balance Pad Elite
€ 64,00 excl. VAT € 52,89

The Airex Balance Pad Elite is perfect to achieve maximum trainings results with minimal effort. The Pads are designed to be as efficient as possible while training. Furthermore, it stimulates blood circulation, posture, balance and your spirit. Airex Balance Pads are also very suitable for endurance training.

The destabilizing properties of the Airex Balance products activate the control of the brains. To keep the body in balance, the receptors in the feet, joints and eyes are been activated. This will help to reach your goal of the therapy quicker.

The secret of the Airex Balance Pad lies in the special materials used in Airex Balance products. The products are designed to train barefoot and thanks to the loop profile on both sides of the Pad will prevent you from sliding out when training. While standing on the Pad, you will feel how your feet (and hands) gently sink into the mat. You will notice how nice the warm foam feels, which consists of millions of tiny air balls.  This structure enables thus the mat to perfectly adjust to your body.

Features Airex Balance Pad Elite:

  • Colors: blue, pink, anthracite, green
  • Dimensions: 50 x 41 x 6 cm