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Key Functional Exercises You Should Know DVD

Key Functional Exercises You Should Know DVD
€ 145,50 excl. VAT € 120,25

In this DVD, Gray focuses on the question many trainers and corrective exercise specialists and enthusiasts forget to ask: “Why is this important?” The question shouldn't be if an exercise works; that's the easy answer most everyone already knows. The better questions are “How is it working?” and “Why would each individual need it?”

What exactly is your goal for that exercise? What’s your goal for that person? Is it doing what you think it's doing? Is it doing the same thing for your first client as it's doing for the second?

These are the type of questions Gray proposes—and then answers—in this thought-provoking DVD. He’ll push you think through the deeper levels of how these exercises work and why you'd use one exercise over another for each of your clients.

This is a 3-disc DVD set, clocking in at just under three hours. It was filmed live at Perform Better in Long Beach, California, in August of 2012. All three discs include a PDF of the workshop manual and a PDF of Gray's PowerPoint slides.

Disc 1

  • Introduction to Functional Exercise
  • The Tim Ferriss Experiment
  • Functional vs. Corrective Exercise
  • The Corrective Hierarchy
  • What is Functional Exercise?
  • Quality Comes First

Disc 2

  • PNF, Chops & Lifts
  • Chop & Lift Variations
  • Live Chop Demonstration & Instruction
  • Deadlift Variations
  • Live Deadlift Demonstration & Instruction
  • Deadlift Commentary

Disc 3

  • Turkish Getup Discussion
  • Getup Variations
  • Live Getup Demonstration & Instruction
  • Lee Burton: Using the FMS Site Tools
  • Gray Cook and Lee Burton Q&A
  • Pre-workshop Interview Clips

Third disc includes a beefed-up Extras folder containing the following:

  • Pre-workshop Interview Clips
  • Workshop Manual PDF
  • PowerPoint Presentation PDF
  • Full Lecture Transcript PDF, edited, with photos
  • Full Lecture Audio MP3 file
  • PowerPoint Videos
  • 5 Excerpts from the book, Movement
  • 6 Free Lectures
  • 11 Typeset Gray Cook Articles