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Cando Exercise Bands 45,7m

Cando Exercise Bands 45,7m
€ 69,50 excl. VAT € 57,44

Exercise Band Therapy is one of the most common used applications in rehabilitaiton and training. The success lies in the simplicity of this exercise device. It is light weighted and very cost effective tool. Cut a piece of the band into the desired length and you can start training.

The bands can be used in one long piece, but als as a tube by connecting both ends together. The bands are easy to use and can be taken anywhere since they are light weighted and very space-saving. The bands are color coded to indicate the different resistance level.

The Cando-Exercise Band is made out of high quality latex with a special Low Powder Formulation without excessive power accumulation during use. Exercise bands are made out of latex to have a consitent expension/contraction resistance during use.

The width of these bands is 13 cm.