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Roller Pack 30 cm

Roller Pack 30 cm
€ 62,29 € 44,52 excl. VAT € 51,48

Package consists of 1 foamroller 30cm and 1 massagestick

Foamroller 30cm

This foamroller is latex free. 


  • Use the foamroller for stability exercises and deep tissue massages
  • Guarantees less massage visitis to your Physical Therapist.
  • Increased mobility and injury prevention
  • Used for example from the PT, Massage Therapist, during Yoga and Pilates
  • A MUST for every (top)athlete who wants to take care in his own for his body.


  • 30cm long with a diameter of 15 cm
    Ideal for travelling due to its compact size, fits into any suitcase


  • The Stick is a muscle massage tool that is designed to simultaneously compress and stretch muscles.
  • The Stick benefits runners by helping eliminate "trigger points".
  • Trigger points are contracted bundles of muscle which feel like bumpy tender knots.
  • Muscles containing trigger points feel tight, fatigue quickly and often hurt.
  • The Stick extinguishes these trigger points by rolling it back and forth over the entire length of the muscle.
  • This relaxes the muscle bundle, improves circulation, increases range of motion and relieves pain.

   Foamrollers hardness chart:


Examples of exercises you can view here: