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FAT-tool stick

FAT-tool stick
€ 164,95 excl. VAT € 136,32

The Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool mobilizes soft tissues without causing damage or bruising. Developed by Dr. Mark Scappaticci, the revolutionary design of the FAT-Tool features multiple treatment edges and profiles in an all-in-one, tool. In addition, fascial tension release is enhanced with the unique, patented textured surface, which allows for superior grip of the fascia with less direct pressure required.
A unique, professional set of FAT-Tools including a large and smaller tool has been specially designed with the health care provider in mind to help with the management of a variety of difficult to treat soft tissue conditions. The unique edges, shape and ergonomic design lend this tool to be the ultimate assisting device for Soft Tissue Mobilization.
A specially designed FAT-Tool model has been developed for personal use. Great for athletes and non-athletes alike! The Fascial Abrasion Technique (FAT) Stick is extremely effective at loosening sore muscles. It features the same patented textured surface and multiple treatment edges as our professional grade tools.
This unique FAT-Stick has the same textured surface as the Professional Series FAT-Tool. The FAT-Stick, when used as instructed can be effective at loosening areas of tightness and leave you with a feeling of increased mobility. This tool is intended for personal use only and not to be used to treat clinical conditions or for individuals to treat any type of pain or injury they may have.
Easy to Learn and Use
You can access a library of videos to show you how to effectively use this unique instrument for all areas of you body. We encourage users to send in videos so that we can share your ideas with fellow users.

Your Professional FAT-Tool Pro Set includes:

  • 1x Professional FAT-Stick
  • 1x 29 ml warming balm
  • 1x Protective neoprene FAT-Tool case