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Masterclass Dry Needling for Lower Extremity and Low Back - Part A

Dry needling Masterclass for the lower extremity and back! 
In cooperation with Peter Lundgren we have designed this masterclass with some very effective techniques that perfectly complement your current dry needling techniques! These techniques are developed by Peter and we are proud HumanMotion is the only provider for these special techniques!
This course is designed for: 
• Therapists with dry needling experience! Minimal pain and/or sports course.
• The treatment of patients with stubborn and difficult injuries.
• Therapists who want to learn effective techniques to help clients recover faster. 
You learn 8 specialized dry needling techniques!
1) Posterior rami of the lumbars interspinous
2) Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
3) Distal/posterior vastus lateralis for increased knee flexion
4) Sural nerve and the connection to the ankle joint
5) Posterior capsule of the ankle / Achilles tendon pecking/peppering
6) Pecking on the calcaneus for valgus and rotation changes
7) Peppering/pecking plantar fascia + Quadratus plantae needling
8) Needling of the cuboid and the navicular bones
Above mentioned anatomical structures and regions need to be studied prior to the course. 

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