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Synergy Performance Taping

To learn the unique Synergy Performance Taping methods, specialized training programs are available for Healthcare professionals or Personal Trainers. Synergy Performance Tape is designed with a more aggressive adhesive for longer lasting applications.
This course covers the basics principles and use of Synergy Performance tape.
Course Objective:
Students will learn how to functionally assess their clients for muscle imbalances and how to apply Synergy Performance Tape using the Synergy Performance Taping method to normalize nervous system activity, balance muscle activation and improve quality of movement for associated regions.

This course is designed for (sports) physiotherapists, manual therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers.

SYNERGY Performance Taping Basics
The Synergy Performance Taping method works by affecting the specialized nerve receptors of the skin and the underlying fascia through the gentle tugging action the tape offers after appropriate application and during movement. The unique application technique influences neurological structures in a way that results in improved muscle function and improved quality.
Synergy Performance Taping method involves placing strips of elastic kinesiology tape on the skin to improve muscle function. Synergy Performance Taping, unlike conventional athletic taping, is applied in a manner that allows the body to move freely without restriction. Synergy Performance Tape has been used by amateur, Olympic and professional athletes to help optimize performance. This taping procedure can help improve the quality of your clients’ movements and improve the efficiency of your program design.
After a functional evaluation, Synergy Performance Tape is placed over the muscles in a manner to either increase or decrease muscle activation. The intention is to optimize motor recruitment in order to improve the quality of movement of prescribed exercises.
Course Format:
This course will teach students Synergy Performance Taping applications that are appropriate for their clients. This course will include a mixture of classroom presentations and practical lab sessions that will allow for extensive practice, with active feedback and guidance from the course instructors. During the practical lab sessions, students will learn how to perform and interpret functional movement assessments and they will learn the appropriate associated taping applications and corrective exercises. The extensive opportunities for feedback and practice in the hands-on lab sessions are a key feature of this course, ensuring that students develop assessment and taping skills that will translate directly to improved outcomes for their clients.


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