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Functional Movement Screen - Level 2: Advanced Correctives

* ATTENTION! Only for people who already attend to the FMS Level 1 course.

Program description:

The FMS (level 2) Advanced Corrective Exercises workshop is designed for the FMS Specialist who wants more insight into the system.  The focus will be on using the screen to direct your exercise recommendations and progressions. There will be additional assessments and functional exercises and how they influence the FMS.

Key Concepts:  

  • Remove the Negative
  • Performance vs Durability
  • Are you Correcting or conditioning?
  • Are you targeting the Weak Link?
  • Challenge vs Difficult.

This workshop will combine lecture, demonstration and  a lot of lab experience. The practical part includes lots of 'advanced corrective exercise essentials', like chopping and lifting, dead-lifting variations and rolling techniques! you learn new additional tests and functional exercises and learn how these will influence the FMS! Important parts of the popular secrets DVD-series are integrated in the course.

Corrective Exercise is an art and a science. But the artistic side of corrective exercise takes center stage as progressions are adapted to the responses of the individual(s). What follows is the best "blueprint" we can provide for addressing issues found in the FMS screen. However, please keep the art of corrective exercise in mind and be open to adapting to the individual.

Below is a general blueprint or a set of guidelines for you to follow, but you may run into situations when it is necessary to go outside of these rules:

Mobility patterns: Active straight leg raise and Shoulder mobility
Motor control or stability: Rotary stability and trunk stability push up
Functional patterning: Inline lunge, hurdle step and deep squat

General corrective strategie blueprint:

  • Soft tissue work: stick, foam roller, massage
  • Assisted stretching, mobilisations
  • Self mobilisations, stretching
  • Activation or re-education of movement patterns( including reactive neuromuscular training)
  • Static motor control
  • Dynamic motor control
  • Resistance exercise

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Provide more insight into implementing the FMS into your training philosophy
  • Enhance your ability to use the FMS progress from corrective exercise to functional and traditional exercises.
  • Introduce other assessment techniques which complement the FMS
  • Describe traditional and non-traditional strength and conditioning exercises and how they fit into the FMS system

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